Hair Can Change Everything…

Well…my friends…THIS is before:

And this would be the results of Kim Cornwell hard at work on my nappy head. HAHA.

THOUGHTS?! The fact that I would ask for THOUGHTS on this subject is kind of funny. Who REALLY cares about my hair, honestly?! hahaha. I like it. It’s a good change. I think the beard is coming back in to action though. I don’t like the stubble so short.

14 responses to “Hair Can Change Everything…

  1. Whoa! Lookin’ schnazzy, Brian 🙂

    Very nice!

  2. Change is good.

  3. haha! the chronicles of Brians hair! me gusta Brian 🙂 me gusta
    Chip and I were just talking this morning about how much we love you!

  4. I like it! Skylar likes the original doo

  5. I’m likin the stubble with this hair…no beard! 🙂

  6. Looks great! Changes are always nice!

  7. Sia Shearer Bevis

    Kudos!! Looks good. Great thing about hair, it always grows 🙂 well… for a while that is lol.

  8. i dig bro… rocking a bit of a Phil Wickham look. Now only if we could ALL sing like him.. stellar!

  9. WOW! i love you! its looks great brian

  10. Brady beat me to it: totally Phil Wickham. I like it!

  11. b.a. that’s just all there is to it.

  12. I love you either way Bri, hair or no hair 😉

  13. looks great brother!!!

  14. Love the new do Brian!

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