Vicky Beeching :: Eternity Invades

My dear friend and Worship Leader…Vicky Beeching…has a BRAND NEW ALBUM that just released today. Vicky is a gifted leader, songwriter and voice to this generation. I love the way she is paving the way for women in ministry. I’m a big fan of hers and I think you will be too (if you aren’t already). Her new record is called ‘Eternity Invades’.

Vicky and Integrity Records have given me 5 of Vicky’s Brand New CD’s to GIVEAWAY TO YOU TODAY!!!

All you have to do is leave a comment on this blog post with what CITY and STATE you’re from in the comment section. Please make sure you enter your correct email when filling out the comment fields…so that I can email you back to get your info. I’ll give that one away soon, soon, soon!!

I’ll give one of the CD’s away on my Twitter too. Be sure to enter here on the blog and follow me on Twitter for another chance to win.

Check out more on Vicky Beeching too! Here’s the EPK (electronic press kit) about her:


42 responses to “Vicky Beeching :: Eternity Invades

  1. Ahwatukee, AZ – give me that music yo!

  2. I would LOVE this cd! πŸ™‚

  3. woops! Commented before i read the entire thing hahaha

    Sioux Falls, SD

  4. Vicky’s stuff is good. Listened to the EP; would love the whole CD.

    Tempe, AZ

  5. Hook me up πŸ™‚

  6. Love it!

    Chandler, AZ

  7. gordon nicely

    HEY I love here stuff I need the CD.

  8. pick me, pick me!!!
    Gilbert, AZ

  9. Sweeeeet…

    San Diego, CA

  10. Awesome generous Brian~ Thanks for the opportunity, and give Promise a hug from Me!

    Spanish Fork, UT. {Happy Valley} =)

  11. Menifee, CA

  12. Cool!

    Chandler, AZ.

  13. Javier Rodriguez

    Thanks in advance, haha πŸ™‚
    When you coming back to the Rock-SD? Lemme know and I’ll lay some phat bass lines for ya.

  14. Wayne Thomas – Bakersfield, CA

  15. Kansas City, MO

    I love Vicky!! she’s the real deal…

  16. Jonathan Lawson

    feeling like a winner…

    high point, nc

  17. Tempe, AZ

  18. Sean Carter – Dallas Texas

    Forget the CD i want that white falcon!

  19. I LOVE Vicky!

    Ginny Corbett- Greenville, NC

  20. chandler, AZ – i’m one of your elders…your job is on the line

  21. Redlands, CA (for now)

  22. Well Brian’s Mama would like to get in on the goods hehe Yucaipa Ca

  23. One more time. πŸ™‚

    Chandler, AZ.

  24. the booming mecca that is…….wait for it…..

    Clio, Michigan.

  25. Ryan Rotman
    Santa Rosa, CA

  26. Yup, here’s my entry for a free worship CD!!!

  27. ….Yucaipa, CA wants a CD

  28. Would love some of that action.

    Erie, Pennsylvania

  29. Redmond, WA

  30. Bri, didn’t you take economics? There is no such thing as a free lunch. This better not make oil prices sky rocket!

  31. Cheney, Washington

  32. Hey, someone not from AZ or CA!

    Waltham, MA. (I can’t tell if a “Go Red Sox” here would do damage to my case …)

  33. Brian, I just downloaded Vicky’s new album! Great music as always from her. I like her style and refreshing worship! When is she coming for a visit to CS? πŸ™‚
    You know where I’m from… ha!
    See ya later….

  34. Mesa, AZ!! I love VB!!!

  35. yo – I have the album, love it. I just posted the review on my blog today if anyone would like a detailed song by song review :]

  36. I saw vicky at spring harvest this week. She is an extremely gifted worship leader, lyricist and musician. Such a lovely person too.

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