Robbie Seay Band :: Free Stuff For YOU!

It’s really as simple as this…Robbie Seay is a great friend and a guy making music that I respect in big ways. You may know his song called ‘Song of Hope’ an awesome tune. If you don’t know about Robbie Seay Band let me introduce you to one of your new favorites. He’s got a BRAND new record out entitled ‘Miracle‘. It’s an incredible record full of the tension of struggle and miracle.

Robbie and the crew have given me a SWEET little gift pack to give away here on the blog. It includes the CD, Vinyl and T-Shirt from the newest offering ‘Miracle’. ENTER TO WIN: Leave a comment on this blog post with your NAME, CITY & STATE that says ‘I NEED A MIRACLE’. Also, make sure to leave your best email contact when submitting your comment…so I can get in touch with you if you win! No weird catches…just leave a comment.

ARIZONA FRIENDS: Robbie and the band will be in town this Saturday, April 24th @ 7pm at Mission Community Church in Gilbert. They’ll be playing the new tunes from the new record. I’ve got THREE pairs of tickets to give away to the concert. If you want in on the tickets just comment on this blog post with these words ‘I NEED A MIRACLE AND TICKETS!’. You could win the gift pack and the tickets if miracles still happen. ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ll start giving the tickets away on Wednesday, April 21st! We’ll pick a winner for the gift pack on Friday, April 23rd! Get your comment in and spread the good word about all of this goodness!

50 responses to “Robbie Seay Band :: Free Stuff For YOU!

  1. i love robbie seay!!

  2. samantha owens
    phx, az

    i need a miracle!

  3. I need a miracle! AND TICKETS! Thanks Brian!

  4. I need a Miracle and Tickets! Sounds like a good band! Oh yeah: Gilbert, AZ

  5. I need a miracle and tickets!! =]

    Mesa, AZ

  6. I need a miracle and tickets ๐Ÿ™‚


  7. Brian, I NEED A MIRACLE. Haha, Robbie Seay Band is good stuff. Love Song of Hope ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Brandon wilson

    I need a miracle here in Seattle!!!

  9. did someone say free music??!! :]

    Lori Jo, Riverside, CA – I NEED A MIRACLE

  10. I need a miracle!
    Northport, AL

  11. I need a miracle and tickets PLEASE.
    Mesa, AZ

  12. I need a MIRACLE! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Taylor. Houston, TX.

  13. I need a miracle!!

    Tallahassee, FL


    Cleveland, OH

  15. I need a miracle
    We need a miracle
    All need a miracle

    Thanks for all the amazing music.

    Colin and Kimberley
    Mission Viejo, Ca 92691

    But itโ€™s me and you dancing in the kitchen at 2 am
    And we’re still alive

  16. Andrew McQuaig
    Auburn, Al
    โ€˜I NEED A MIRACLEโ€™.
    Robbie seay was a huge influence my band the riverside worship project’s album (So Sing)
    check it on itunes or get it for free @

  17. I need a Miracle.
    Oxford, MS

  18. Benji Varner
    Orange TX
    I Need a Miracle
    Love the music, passion and hope that is present in the music.

  19. Courtney Elmore

    I need a miracle and tickets please, please, PLEASE!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks bunches!!!

    Tuscaloosa, AL

  20. Javier Rodriguez

    ยกAuxilio, necesito un milagro!

  21. I haven’t gotten the new CD, but McRae tells me it’s amazing. Love that you do these…awesome, thanks Brain

  22. I need a miracle!!!!

  23. I need a miracle
    mckinney tx


    luke peach
    aliso viejo, ca

  25. I need a miracle!
    Austin, TX

    Thanks for your ministry.

  26. Rowlett, Texas
    I need a miracle

  27. Gilbert, AZ

    I NEED A MIRACLE AND TICKETS!!! I love RSB! Soooo good!


    Leanne Angell
    Greensboro, NC

    Would love to see RSB in NC soon!! Glad to have found this blog through RSB’s tweet. I’ll be keeping up with you now, Brian. Thanks mate!

  29. I need a Miracle and Tickets! Hook a brother up!

    Chandler, AZ


    Jonathan Jones
    West Monroe, LA

  31. Cory Valentine

    Cory Valentine, Houston, TX – I need a Miracle!

  32. I need a miracle

    Zack Jones
    Fort Worth, Tx

  33. Joshua – Houston, TX .. I really need a miracle! vast321 @

  34. i just found your blog…LOVE IT! And I totally loved the samples I listened to of the Robbie Seay Band….I love to find new music…which is why I love your blog:)

    I need a miracle…although I am probably too late:)

  35. ok…hello, i just posted and totally forgot to put my city and state…

    san diego, ca

  36. chris kretzu / des moines, ia / i need a miracle

    chriskretzu (at)

  37. I need a miracle and tickets! Anthem, AZ

  38. I need a miracle and tickets!
    Mesa, AZ

  39. Megan Johnson
    San Bernardino, CA

  40. Eric Sells Gilbert AZ. I NEED A MIRACLE!

  41. Sonja Richardson

    I am a miracle, and I need a miracle! xoxo

  42. Sonja Richardson

    and I’m from Queen Creek, AZ!

  43. I need a miracle! (but I do have tickets) ๐Ÿ™‚

    Josh- Waddell, AZ

  44. I need a miracle. Thanks for sharing the music! ~Liz San Diego, CA

  45. Brian Hale. Fresno. CA.

    I need a miracle!

    Oh, and, I love Robbie Seay!

  46. I love brayline. I am sure these guys are good…..but Brayline is better, are they playing at Mission as well?

    I love miracles.

    Duncan, Maricopa, AZ

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