Carlos Whittaker :: Ragamuffin Soul :: Giveaway

*****Winners of the CD’s for the Blog giveaway are Ed Gould, David Lerner & Mitch Hopewell

*****Winner of the CD’s for the Twitter giveaway were @karlameachem & @jamiewyckoff

Giving stuff away is always fun. This time I get to giveaway a few brand new albums, Ragamuffin Soul, from my good friend Carlos Whittaker. Here’s the deal…It’s pretty simple. There’s a couple ways you can, potentially, win one of the 5 CD’s that Integrity Music gave me to give away to my readers. I say up your chances and enter both ways:

1. I’ll give 3 CD’s away on my blog by just leaving a comment with your City, State (so easy why wouldn’t you!?)

2. I’ll give 2 CD’s away on Twitter. You’ll get in the hat by Twittering the following: Win a Ragamuffin Soul CD by @loswhit. Check out the giveaway on @brianwurzell’s blog! RT if you wanna enter to win!

I’ll do all the giveaways on Friday so check back with me then to see if you’re a winner. Have some fun and get your name in the hat and most of all let’s keep getting the word out about this new record. If you leave a comment on the blog make sure you leave me your best email address as you fill out the comment piece so I can email you for your address, etc… Super easy, hope you win, ready…set…go….

Whether you win or not…go buy Carlos’ new record and support him as he launches out in this new adventure! CLICK HERE

34 responses to “Carlos Whittaker :: Ragamuffin Soul :: Giveaway

  1. Not sure if the contest is open to Canadians. Hope so!

    Esterhazy, SK Canada

    “Give me Soul!”

  2. Oroville, CA

    that’s california, not canada, eh?

  3. Megan Johnson

    San bernardino, CA

    I want to win!!!

  4. Bad Liebenzell, Baden-Württemberg (Germany)

  5. Scottsdale, AZ

  6. Columbia, MD

  7. Representing the East Coast – – Jupiter, FL (holla!)

  8. Oklahoma city, OK

  9. Leesburg, Ohio

  10. Gilbert, AZ

  11. Cleveland, TN yo…
    Originally from the big AZ though!

  12. I tweeted 🙂 @CrossFocusPhoto

  13. I was from AZ, now not so much, more like Atlanta!

  14. Westerville, Oh

    pick me, pick me!

  15. chandler, az – 1 door down the hallway from your office.

  16. Mesa AZ. Thanks Bri for keeping us informed.

  17. Pick me! When my hard drive crashes I lost all my music so every little bit helps 🙂

  18. I would love to win.

  19. Mesa, AZ forgot to add that.

  20. Sterling Heights, MI


  21. Spearfish, South Dakota

  22. I am based out of Surrey, BC.

  23. You’ve done it once again. Amazing read.

  24. We love you daddy like you, oh great collaborative colleagues

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