Tripping Out On Beauty!

I sent this to a few people today and I thought it was hilarious. This guy was straight tripping out on beauty! HAHAH. There was a part of me that thought to myself…is this guy serious?! I then had a moment and wondered if I’ve ever tripped out on beauty. I can’t say that I’ve ever gone to that level, this guy charts the top of the trippin’. HAHAH.

What is the most BEAUTIFUL thing you have ever seen and have you EVER tripped out on beauty like this guy?!

6 responses to “Tripping Out On Beauty!

  1. I love this guy… I had to watch the whole thing and see if he shared his secret of why it meant so much to him. I just appreciate that he can fully enjoy nature and its beauty. Much rather hang out with a dude like him then someone that misses it.

  2. okay…so maybe it’s more than beauty that he’s tripping on. hahaha

  3. LOL. OMGawd! I couldn’t stop giggling. Love it! I like hearing the bells in the background. Does he LIVE on that mountain??

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  5. I’ve tripped out that much about the beauty of things, but it was a quadruple rainbow. Is he crying at the end?!

  6. The timing of this video post is amazing!!
    as you know, i’ve been down in New Zealand for 2 weeks… and I’ve seen 2 different double complete rainbows!!!
    1st one: shared w/ new Kiwi-friends who also love this video and was our inside joke during a conference…then one appeared to us right outside the green room!!

    2nd one: Huka Falls on the North Island… another full complete rainbow…but this one was so close, i could see it on the road in front of me, and I drive right through it!! i was tripping out.

    3rd one: happened just as I left the tour for Hobbiton and was literally in the Shire region of Lord of the Rings. We pull out of the incredible tour, and bam… and full complete rainbow!!!

    WHAT DOES THIS MEAN!??!?!?!?!

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