Hey guys!! I am so excited to tell you that Promise & I are going to Rome THIS SUNDAY for a little over a week. We really can’t wait. This trip came as a huge surprise to us! Our good friend is house swapping with a family in Rome and they invited us to come be a part of it. AHHHH!!! Promise and I have been trying to play catch up and research some things that we would want to see before we get there. So, we need your help!!

Have you been? WHAT DO WE NEED TO SEE? Any favorite places, restaurants or key tips? Promise vows to take tons of photos.

10 responses to “HEADED TO ROME!!!

  1. one of my favorite places in Rome was the Scala Sancta… http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scala_Sancta
    also make sure you take the tours at the vatican to the top of the basilica and bring your camera… try to plan to be there at dusk… amazing. the tour through the necropolis and to the tomb of peter is also pretty inspiring.

  2. Dude! You should go check out Florence for a day if you can. By car it’s only about 2 hours. There’s also a high-speed train between the two that’ll get you there in less time.

    We’re going in 2012. You’ll have to give us tips before we go.

  3. Just say “When in Rome” a lot! It will actually make sense. That pretty sweet you are headed there, can I become friends with those people too? 😉 have a blast. I’ll lead for you at CStone. Haha. Jk again

  4. About a block south from the Coliseum is a GREAT deli/restaurant. Do not miss Vatican City and the Vatican Museum. Do the tours for the locations… they cost a bit more but you bypass the lines… TOTALLY worth it!!

    The Spanish Steps are great for pics and are across the walkway from a great bakery. There’s a ton more stuff, but those are just a few…

  5. corafaye olive

    Hey there congrats on the surprise trip to rome. I can’t say we’ve been there but we are hoping on going there too. Their is a genetics research team in Rome that is trying to fill in the missing information that kids like my bros kids have. So we are trying to come up with finances so we can go. Right now though we are in the praying stage. I look forward to hearing of what places you and Promise went to and what your favorite parts/places were.

  6. Never been there…YET! Hope you have a GREAT time. We’ll miss you.

  7. Pistachio gelato. that’s all i have to say. =)

  8. Wow!!! This is incredible. You both are going to fall in love with Italy. I was there in 06′ and did not stay too long, but there is no other place like it. Can’t wait to see pics!!

  9. I don’t advise you to drive. Especially if you want to live. But I was very tempted to rent a scooter all the same. The subway is excellent. There’s only two lines, you can’t go wrong. It’s a couple of euro for a ticket and it’s good for 75 minutes.

    One of the first things we did was get a bus tour to get our bearings. After that we either walked most of time, or got the train. Be prepared for it to be hot. Here’s a list of the sights we recommend in no particular order:

    1) St.Peter’s Basilica, Vatican City
    The inside of this place blew me away. Amazing amazing amazing. Your wife will need to make sure her shoulders are covered and skirts knee length at least. We waited in line to get in. It didn’t take very long.

    2) Sistine Chapel
    This is very impressive also. I liked the Basilica better. The ceiling of the Sistine chapel is covered with paintings by Michelangelo. Beautiful. The amount of people they cram in the chapel takes away from it a little. This queue was probably the longest. You can’t access it from the Basilica, but it’s outside the Vatican walls.

    3) Colosseum & Palatine Hill
    Get here early. We queued about 45mins to get in. Get the combined ticket for both the colosseum and the Palatine Hill. This is all the other surrounding ruins which are fantastic – including the Roman Forum. You could spend 3/4 of a day in this area alone.

    4) The Opera
    We went to see the opera La Traviata. We had no idea what they were singing about, but it was worth going to watch.

    5) Trevi Fountain
    Just Wow! An incredible fountain, in the middle of a maze of narrow streets. The restaurants around here are great. Some are a bit pricey but the food will not disappoint.

    6) Villa Borghese
    A huge park, not unlike central park in New York. We didn’t get to walk around here properly unfortunately. Ran out of time.

    7) The Spanish Steps
    Great place to hang out and chill. Plenty of shopping and restaurants around here.

    8) Vittorio Emanuele Monument
    A small museum, but I loved the building and the view from the top.

    I have a load of photos on my blog. Check them out. Like someone has already said above, if you have time to get out of Rome, Florence would be a great place to go. The seaside is not far away either. Although, I’d take the train! 🙂

    Have fun man, you’ll love it.

    Oh, and they don’t speak English.

  10. Hey Brian – AWESOME. great advise above. Just a reminder for you and Promise to plan some silent times of worship in some of their cathedrals. Remember St. Peters in New York.
    Enjoy, soak & let Him enlarge you both.
    Your friend , (who is a bit jealous)

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