What Is Your BIGGEST Fear?

I’m curious…WHAT is YOUR biggest fear? Maybe the follow up question is do you have any idea why it’s your biggest fear? If not, no big deal…just leave a comment with your biggest FEAR!

8 responses to “What Is Your BIGGEST Fear?

  1. Being watched while I sleep… or worse, being killed in my sleep. I just shuttered.

  2. probably failure, or not being liked. I have a friend who was just telling me about how he’s discovering that God isn’t about fear, he’s about love. He said you can tell when God’s working by looking for that. If it’s you that’s fearing a decision about something, then the fear could be keeping you from doing something God’s calling you to.

    My fear of failure or of not being liked is almost always at odds with my calling to lead God’s people through the church. I’m constantly appealing to God to break me free from the fear and working hard to be bold in His love, knowing that failure is a part of the journey to success, and people not liking me will happen just by showing up sometimes, but I stand for something unmistakably true, and I can’t let that stop me.

  3. By far I would say being home alone, especially at night. I think it’s gotten worse the older I get. I tell all of my family to tell me beforehand if they are sending packages because if I get an unexpected knock on the door (no matter what time it is) I grab the kids and run to a back bedroom and then call Brent. And of course whenever Brent isn’t home is when every scorpion, spider, or big scary gross bug wants to try and come in the house so I have no choice but to kill the stupid thing myself. I’m a pretty big chicken when my hubbys not around to protect me! 🙂 I would be lost without him.

  4. HEAT. definitely heat. as in…hot stoves or ovens….being too close to the bbq pit. i’m not afraid of fire though.

    when i was young, maybe 10 or 11, i was using my mother’s gas stove to boil something delicious, most likely ramen noodles. as i was holding onto the pot my pot holder ended up resting down into the burner. it was set completely on fire, i tossed it and of course it landed on a towel which also went into flames. my mother came in quickly and put the fire out.

    i’m sure the fire wasn’t as big as i thought it was at the time. i’m not sure however as to why that left me afraid of heat and not fire.

  5. SNAKES!!

  6. Snakes. I’m terrified of snakes. Dead or alive, rattlesnake or harmless. They scare beyond reason.

  7. Heights, definitely heights. Brian, please make sure my drum kit never goes more than a few feet over the crowd’s heads during any service, or I might get serious vertigo, OK? Cool.

    My palms sweat even watching movies with heights. I feel myself going over the edge with them. Went on a hot air balloon ride, cowered in the bottom of the basket in the fetal position until we crash landed in a field, which was the coolest part. Second and third runner ups – being buried alive like Kiefer Sutherland in “The Vanishing” or stuck in a tight place, like Homer Simpson in a water park tube. Oh, did I mention how much BaCrock Hussein terrifies me? LOL, come on, I had to throw that in, or you’d have been disappointed!


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