Catalyst :: Backstage 2010

I get the chance to be a co-host of this week in Atlanta. I’m joining up with John Acuff, Shauna Niequist and Carlos Whittaker to bring you live interviews with the Speakers and all kinds of behind the scenes stuff at Catalyst this week. This is a little real time conference resource for all of your that couldn’t make it. There’s also rumor that they’ll be streaming a couple of the main sessions. Tune in starting Wednesday starting at 12pm (EST) as we get started and follow along with us through the end of Friday.

Anybody actually going to be at Catalyst this week?

7 responses to “Catalyst :: Backstage 2010

  1. Dang bro that’s sweet!

    Flava of the months is PAYING OFF!

    You’re so good at stuff like this. I’ve gotta stop shaving my chest… it seems to be your Golden Ticket 😉

  2. i won’t be there.


  3. Man are you the hairy dude in the top photo – nice

  4. Loved having the opportunity to hang out. So appreciate you. Hope you are safely back in Phoenix resting with your beautiful wife. Til Tuesday…

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