My Story…

My name is Brian Wurzell. I’m a seeker in every dimension of my life. I’m committed to understanding and following Jesus in every possible way. I love people, i love Promise and I want to be a conduit of love in everything I do. I’m an artist at heart, a leader that’s becoming. Music is a way in which the world becomes clearer to me and is one of my favorite avenues of focus. I love the local church and love the fact that God would want to use me in some small or big way for the glory of His Kingdom that is here and coming!

One of the most important people in my life is my wife, Promise. She is the most amazing stream of love in my life. We’ve been  married since May 2009. I’m so excited to have a girl in my life that loves me with no exceptions and sets her love for me based upon who I am. She’s an amazing artist and I could say nothing more than to go and check out her website and blog. She’s a creative genius and you will not be disappointed! She’s the love of my life and brings so much joy to all that I do!!!

I’m currently employed at Cornerstone Christian Fellowship in Chandler, AZ as the Worship Arts Director. I’ve been on staff at Cornerstone in the Worship Arts Department since 2002. It’s been a wild ride and I’ve been a part of watching God grow our community from around 700, when i came, to over 6,000+ currently. I didn’t ever sign up to be in a large church, but, I’m privileged to have a voice in the life of so many here in Arizona.

Slingshot Group is a network of Creative Leaders within the church helping to connect churches to creative people. HA! In short we work with local churches in helping them fulfill their creative needs. Through Slingshot I get to offer coaching and networking opportunities to connect, specifically, with Worship Leaders. It’s an amazing group of guys that are teaching me tons!

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14 responses to “My Story…

  1. hey Brian! found your blog from a comment you made on carlos’ blog! funny how that works!! hehe. i’m adding you to my feeder! im a blogger too!

  2. This is amazing! I love all your blogs and they encourage me greatly! I was called about 10 years ago to begin a teenage girl ministry called “Searching for the Beauty within” I finally gave into the call about 6 years ago and this year I know that God has called me to speak at it. I am nervous but know that God is doing a work in my own life. I continue to overcome this struggle, and I truly feel like God is wanting to move this seminar on the road! I am praying for doors to open! Thanks for the encouragement!

    Ephesians 3:20!

  3. hey brian,
    linked to you from Vicky Beechings page…glad I found ya, looking forward to tuning in more often…am I able to subscribe to your blog in a reader?

  4. Sorry, couldn’t find a contact page 🙂

    I’m emailing just about ever Christian I know or know of asking for your testimony. Next week I am starting a lil something on the blog called Testimony Tuesday (fitting huh?) and I need some testimonies. I don’t care if you’ve been a Jesus follower all of your life or if ya just found Him yesterday, I would like to hear (or see) the story and post it on the blog. I would actually love to do all of these via video. To read it is one thing, but I’m trying to reach the lost here and to put a face behind the words is an awesome tool to reach them. Having said that, if you’re a little camera shy, I will post text testimonies also. There’s no need to record anything. I have a plan where there will be no downloading or uploading involved. Just let me know if you could do this for me and we’ll line it all out.
    Thanks in advance!!

  5. Hey Brian,

    Just came across your blog from looking up some Don Miller blog stuff and happened across yours. Figured I’d drop you a comment and say keep up the good works.


  6. Hey man, just came across your blog via Carlos. I’m the worship director at Life Connection Church in Phoenix, I also run a blog called . I’d love to chat with you sometime about what you guys are doing, seems like you got a lot of similar stuff going down at your church. I’m gonna try and swing by your show this Sat., maybe we can meet up then. Otherwise shoot me an email, or tweet.

    God bless.

  7. Is this the same Brian from “class one dash zero one”???? IF so, send me an email.

    Peace out

    John Campbell

  8. With your heart-you deserve all that God is and has given to you! You have been such an amazing instrument of faith at Cornerstone-when I was learning about Jesus in 2003-you helped my heart open…when I was going through tough medical stuff like more brain surgery-God always had you say something perfect, not even knowing. Always stay with Him-leading others through your gift-more will come to Him you don’t even know! God Bless!
    Heather Siebens

  9. And if Tory, my child could type this-she would tell you what an amazing famous person you are to take that time out to talk to her, a 7 yr old…now this everyone is to show you-he is just so down to earth…and that is what I love-his talent doesn’t swallow him up! My Tory was thrilled-we thank you and God bless you!

  10. I love your site! 🙂

    Experiencing a slow PC recently? Fix it now!

  11. hey man! I usually keep up on your blog and knew youre at cornerstone in Chandler… I work at DPA Microphones and just talked to Phil Kearney about getting some mics fixed and the church rang a bell in my mind. Same Cornerstone? Ha! If it is, thats cool! If not, then, uhhh, just ignore this randomness:) anyways, keep up the great blogging.

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  13. Hey Brian, great blog. I just started reading it the last couple of weeks. I found it through Aaron’s blog. You bring to light some really good music. Your Plankeye post brought back memories of when my wife Michaela and I were dating and first got married. Michaela found Plankeye when she was going to college a Point Loma in SD and brought them back to share. Thanks for sharing all the fun and cool stuff.

  14. A miracle happened with proof , and other convincing events. I wished every Christion could know this information. Gods untold story. His story answers the many puzzling questions, that only a supreme crator could make. Google my name jerry Dubats. More important then you would think.

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