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Hey guys!! I am so excited to tell you that Promise & I are going to Rome THIS SUNDAY for a little over a week. We really can’t wait. This trip came as a huge surprise to us! Our good friend is house swapping with a family in Rome and they invited us to come be a part of it. AHHHH!!! Promise and I have been trying to play catch up and research some things that we would want to see before we get there. So, we need your help!!

Have you been? WHAT DO WE NEED TO SEE? Any favorite places, restaurants or key tips? Promise vows to take tons of photos.

Frank The Podcast

I was so pleasantly surprised to learn of this great little podcast called Frank the Podcast! It’s a humorous, fun and honest dialogue about faith, pop culture, real life and so much more. A couple of my buddies are hosts on the show, T.J. Hill and Darin McWatters. I think you’ll really enjoy this tasty little treat and it’ll keep you laughing through your week. I laugh so hard everytime I hear these cornballs. So awesome. Leave a comment and let me know if you listen and your favorite episode or quote.


Freedom Tour :: Promise, ShowIt & Your City

I’m so proud of my wife, Promise Tangeman-Wurzell! She’s got creativity oozing out of her pores and I love to see how God is using her to inspire others. In just a couple of weeks we’ll be hitting the road with our great friends from ShowIt who have invited Promise to be one of the speakers on their National Tour. The tour is primarily geared for people in the Photography industry and will feature 3 influential industry leaders at each location.

Also, the AMAZING Molly Jenson will be along on the tour bringing her awesome music to each of the cities. If you don’t know Molly…get to know her. She’s got the voice of sweet honey on cornbread! You’ll know her beautiful female voice as she’s the featured vocalist on almost all of Jon Foreman‘s (switchfoot) solo EP’s. She’s a legend.

We’re so thankful for great friends in the photography industry and for people that believe in Promise so much. Promise is speaking in 4 of the cities on the tour and it is coming SOON! If you want to come out or know someone in one of the cities below, tell them to get a ticket soon! Space is limited in each of the cities, but, we’d love to see good friends along the way, so get your tickets. CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE TICKETS!!

Here are the cities Promise and I will be in on the tour:

Phoenix, AZ – June 21
Austin, TX – June 23
Atlanta, GA – June 25
Washington DC – June 28


Waste a Minute…

My main man Ryan Axtell comes from creative genes. He’s got music in his blood, ministry from his heart and, well, humor from his dad! The videos below are made by Ryan’s dad, Steve Axtell. He makes puppets for a living, no joke. I’m not talking the lame sock church puppets that you were annoyed by as a kid…I’m talking he’s making puppets for people like Terry Fator, Shaq and many more.

The video below is called P-P-P-Platypus and it’s ridiculous and funny. Just turn it up, call your co-workers around and don’t try to be to cool to laugh.

These are the puppets he made for Shaq and you’ll see a little side of Shaq you didn’t know he had!

This is a revisited video from Ryan teaching us how to do ‘Worship Workouts’. Same family as the puppet guy! 🙂

Audiobooks or REAL Books?

I’m getting ready to make the drive from LA to Phoenix today and I just loaded Donald Millers audiobook ‘A Million Miles in A Thousand Years’. I had some great chats this week at Catalyst with Michael Hyatt, Carlos Whittaker, Stephen Brewster, Kyle Zimmerman and Anne Jackson about the preference between audiobooks and real print books. As the digital age moves ahead what do you prefer (Audio or Print) and why?

I’ll give my answer in the comments section later…but…I want to hear what you prefer.

My Wifes Website Was Nominated :: Go Vote

All I can say is that my wife, Promise Tangeman-Wurzell, is cooler than me on EVERY front. I’m really proud of her and I know how hard she works everyday. She’s committed to excellence and to being a person filled with love in all that she does. I think her blog is just a glimpse of who she really is, but it’s an accurate depiction of her love for life, God, art and people. I wanted to invite my readers in to affirming her work with a vote and to connect you to her work if you don’t yet know about it. Either way…Go VOTE for her…do it for me. 🙂


SOOO excited to tell you guys that I was nominated for ‘Show It Best of 2009 Design’ award. If you’ve never heard of ShowIt it’s an amazing creative software company that has created a TON of products that are so helpful for photographers, designers, and really ANYONE. Right now I’m using their product called ShowIt Sites. My website is hosted completely through ShowIt and I got to design EVERYTHING by myself. Great stuff. It is super user friendly.

Anyways, this nomination only turns in to a win through your votes. SOOOOO….if you would be up for it and would be willing to take a minute to vote, well, I would be so grateful!! The nomination was for the category ‘Dig the Design’ for best Web Design. It’s really pretty simple and since YOU ALL are really great at voting on things I’m sure it won’t be a thang!! Might I add that it was this community that voted me the winner for the Collide Magazine ‘Readers Choice Award’. SOO COOL! Thanks so much. You guys are AWESOME!!

Okay, here is how you can help me out and vote:

The voting is all online and through a Facebook voting platform. All you need to do is click link and it will get you started. A couple quick notes, you may have to hit an ‘accept’ button when it asks you if you want to give access to the poll. From there all you need to do is double check that you’re in the ‘Dig the Design’ category, find my site and vote away!

Again thanks sooo much for voting for me and for being such an awesome online community. If I win you all get the credit.

GO HERE (Show It Site on facebook)


Thanks for taking a minute to go vote for Promise. I think she’s worthy of the award and I’ve already cast my vote. 🙂




A couple years ago I had the opportunity to meet a woman named Mama Zipporah from the Hills of Nairobi, Kenya. She’s a revolutionary Native Kenyan who has taken on the plight of the less fortunate. If you’ve seen the documentary ‘Invisible Children’ you will note, in the beginning of the film, that Mama Zipporah was the woman that, ultimately, led the guys to their story.

In the past couple years we’ve had the chance, as a church (, to partner with Mama Zipporah and her home (Huruma Children’s Home) in which she houses over 150+ orphan kids. My wife (Promise Tangeman-Wurzell) and I had the chance to take a 10 day trip to Kenya (August 2009) to visit the home, do some work projects and put on a summer camp for their High School aged kids (12-20 yrs old). It was an amazing time of watching these kids smile and enjoy a really fun time.

In July 2009, Promise Tangeman-Wurzell and Barton Damer began a collaborative art project that they named ‘Art for Huruma’. The project went back and forth for the month of July in a design process called ‘layered tennis’. Essentially, each artist had the design for a few days and then they’d pass it back to the other artist. After a month they had a finished product that is now going to be put on T-Shirts and Poster Prints. All of the proceeds from this project will go directly to Huruma Children’s Home to help Mama Zipporah take care of needs around the home (food, clothing, medical, etc…).

Today is the last day to order the Poster Prints and Shirts. It would be amazing to see some people rally behind this cause that’s connecting the dots between Art and Justice. Here are the links for more on the project and to purchase the products. Thank you in advance for supporting some great art and helping the cause of the widow and the orphan! It’s ALL good.

For more on the project ‘Art for Huruma’:
TO PURCHASE T-Shirts & Prints:

Kenya – First Thoughts…


We are hours away from our departure to go serve the widow, the orphan, the sick and the needy. I can’t tell you how excited I am to have the opportunity to be in the place where my dear friend Mama Zipporah has given her life away to that end. We rumble away on a jet plane tomorrow morning and there we’ll set sky for a good long 20+ hour travel day to get to Huruma Childrens Home.


Promise did a collaboration project with an amazing guy, Barton Damor. They did a ‘Layered Tennis’ Project during the month of July that ended up on Tee-Shirts and Poster Prints. It’s really super cool! You can get more info on how to purchase these on Promise’s Blog. All of the profit generated from the sales go directly to Huruma Childrens Home, so get your shirt and get hip to Justice! Seriously!

I’m hoping to be a little more active on the blog, during this trip, than I have been in recent months. Throw it in your RSS feed and keep up with us while we’re in Kenya. Promise is taking her camera, I’ll take my FlipCam and we’ll try to upload some photos/video during the trip too (who knows on their internet connection).

Please pray for these things:

1. For the health of the team. Ask God to give us favor with our health. We want to be effective and often in primitive conditions like this people just get sick. We’re asking God for an extra dose of His help in this area.

2. Pray that our connection with these children would go a long ways. Pray that we’d have some opportunities to really minister to some of these children who have been through hell on earth. Most of these children have been abandoned, abused…you name it they’ve been through. Pray, specifically, that God would use some of our time to help uproot the bitterness that some of these kids carry in their young lives.

3. Pray that God would actually send amazing protection as we travel and journey over 9,000 miles
4. Pray that our team would have amazing chemistry and that God would empty us out and rennovate our hearts!

Keep checking back here and on my Twitter feed for more updates! Thanks for your prayers!


Switchfoot: Two (of many) Reasons I Like These Guys

Also…this video for some reason had me laughing pretty hard. Apparently they stopped off in Memphis at a Coffee Shop and found this here NordicTrac. HA! The phrase that abides is…’Don’t HASSLE the DASSLE’. Just say that out loud without trying to laugh at the way it sounds. Anyways, These guys are top shelf musicians, anthropologists and people!

Picture 4

Michael Jackson – The Death of A Legend

I’m a pretty big Michael Jackson fan. The reports today of his cardiac arrest and his death are heartbreaking. He’s an entertainer like no other and has a songwriting ability that only a few have and a voice like no one in history. I know some people that have worked with him and they say he was an unbelievable musician and quite a guy.

Whether you think he’s weird or great, he was an epic talent and that’s undeniable. Truly this historic day is a sad one for those of us that appreciate great artistry!

Are you a fan? What is it about M.J. that you really dig? Seriously, how big of a bummer would it be to have lost the King of Pop today?