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Just cause…I couldn’t resist posting this audio. It’s funny to me every time!

Staying Positive

Promise says she was a lot like this little girl when she was a kid. I wish I could have none her as a chatty little one with so many positive things to say. Anyways, stay positive and enjoy this little clip.

[ht suzy lind]

Waste a Minute…

My main man Ryan Axtell comes from creative genes. He’s got music in his blood, ministry from his heart and, well, humor from his dad! The videos below are made by Ryan’s dad, Steve Axtell. He makes puppets for a living, no joke. I’m not talking the lame sock church puppets that you were annoyed by as a kid…I’m talking he’s making puppets for people like Terry Fator, Shaq and many more.

The video below is called P-P-P-Platypus and it’s ridiculous and funny. Just turn it up, call your co-workers around and don’t try to be to cool to laugh.

These are the puppets he made for Shaq and you’ll see a little side of Shaq you didn’t know he had!

This is a revisited video from Ryan teaching us how to do ‘Worship Workouts’. Same family as the puppet guy! 🙂

Everything’s Amazing & Nobody’s Happy

How true this is!!! Seriously though, I’m about to go Christmas SHOPPING and I’m pretty quick to get annoyed. Hopefully this will remind me not to take myself to seriously…I HAVE RESOURCES TO GO SHOPPING….THAT’S AMAZING. Don’t be a Scrooge this Christmas Season. 🙂

{HT Ryan Guard & LV Hanson}

How to Worship…

A great 101 video on what to do when the ‘worship band’ is playing! Classic!! (HT: Ryan Guard)

Quick Guitar Lesson…

I found these little lessons from Orianthi Panagaris. I picked it up really quickly and I think you will too. Let me know how it goes for you!! (KIDDING…this girl is an absolute shredder)

Worship Workout – Part II

If you missed Worship Workout, Part I, you can watch it after the newest installment. Worship Workouts is a little segment that we do every once in a while to give you Worship Leaders some creative ideas to stay fit. We know how it is having multiple services during the weekend and these are just some very practical ways for you and your team to be a team and stay fit! ENJOY! HAHHAH


Here is Part l if you missed it earlier:

Vocal Fails :: Try Again

I have to give props to Andy Castano, my Assistant, who shared these amazing videos. The thought that comes to mind is, ‘If at first you don’t succeed pick yourself up and try again.’ It even happens to me, I’m not proud! Enjoy!

iBible – Definitely Order Yours!

Tuesday Tickle Time…


Every once in a while, especially on Tuesdays, I hit an afternoon wall. Are you feeling me on this one? Anyways, thanks again to my good friend, Stephanie, my afternoon has brightened just a little bit more. Take a look at the rest of these ‘Sexy-People’. I’ve got some bad pictures like this from my past too. I also realize that this blog title is kind of disgusting! Enjoy the laugh.

One more for the road…