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Kids Rule!

These videos are amazing, they simply remind me that kids have unmeasurable talent that, if tapped into, can be unleashed as beautiful expressions of their unique abilities. Seriously, if I ever have kids and they want to learn music this is the way I want them to learn. There’s, obviously, a time when these kids get serious with their instructors and learn, but, the end result is expressed in enjoyment and fun! This is how I learn and I think the idea of learning could be a way more positive experience if we let people express themselves a bit more. What could be more fun then learning all the pop-hits and doing it with all your friends.

My friend, Stephanie, showed this link to me and it’s awesome. These kids are called the PS22 Chorus and I’m pretty sure you could watch most of their videos and be pretty impressed. I’ll share a few with you here:

A couple questions for you…What are you doing to learn and have fun at the same time? What did you think about these videos, the approach, the fun, etc…?



We’ve been dialoguing with high school students all weekend up here at the State Youth Convention in Flagstaff, AZ. It’s been a great weekend and we’ve been doing a break out session with the students on Arts, Justice and the Local Church. We’ve had fascinating dialogue with the students and they drew out some great realities.

My question for you is this:

1. Do you feel like the local church unleashes the Arts to their potential?

2. What are ways you, personally, feel limited in your local church as it relates to the art in you?

3. What do you dream about seeing the local church doing with the arts?

Come on now, let’s be bold, answer the questions and let’s dialogue on this thing and dream together on how the arts can effect our influence in the world.

All of us Brayline guys were encouraged to hear students talk about how the Arts and how they could be unleashed in a whole new way in the church. I love the idea that the Arts could, possibly, be one of the most untapped evangelistic tools in the box. What would it look like if our local communities encouraged the Arts at the highest level. I contend that our influence and effect in our society for the Kingdom of God would have profound and fresh results.

Top 12 Worship Picks – Month of September 2008

my friend johnny messaged me the following today:

Hey Bri-

I need some new music, baby. Give me your top 10 or 12 new faves. Do it because you love me.


all that to say it inspired a blog post. i actually get asked that question a good bit and so i asked my guys here and we put together, in no particular order, the top 12 songs we really like, are working well and that we’re singing in our rotation at Cornerstone. hope this stuff can be a resource and maybe i’ll try and do this more often for the worship types and connoisseurs. here are ours – what are yours?! comment here and check back to see what other people are doing too!  

Here’s what we’re singing right now at Cornerstone:

1. beautiful jesus -kristian stanfill

2. i adore you – phil wickham

3. cannons -phil wickham

4. filled with your glory – starfield

5. all because of jesus – fee

6. the highest and greatest – tim hughes

7. i lay it down – matt maher

8. canticles of zechariah (declare victory) – matt maher (every worship leader must own his album overflow)

9. how he loves – john mark mcmillan (you need to buy this album!)

10. none but jesus – hillsong

11. hosanna – hillsong united

12. rain down – delirious