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Alternate Arrangements…

While sitting in ‘Sweet Tomatoes’ with Ryan, Jason, Matt Maher and Kenny Butler, earlier this week, the dialogue was started about songs we think could work acousticly. We then talked about songs that really maybe couldn’t be changed from their original format. We all had a few thoughts and then the legendary Matt Maher (if you don’t know who Matt is…he wrote the song ‘Your Grace is Enough’…no Chris Tomlin didn’t write that…the genius Matt Maher did…give him credit!) just mentioned that the Hillsong United tune ‘Break Free’ was one of those songs.

Well, later in the week we just could not refuse the chance to prove Matt Maher wrong. So we did and here’s what we came up with for it. Also, don’t forget to watch the bonus video of the acoustic version of ‘Your Grace is Enough’. I’ll just say in advance, you won’t be able to ‘get enough’ of this goodness. Let me know what you thought…leave a comment! 🙂



The story goes that back in the spring one of my good friends, Ryan Guard, was blitzing into a new love called blogging. i found his blog particularly interesting and it really bore the things he was experiencing. he began to educate me on the ‘blog world’ and what it was doing, who was doing it and said ‘DUDE, you need to blog’.

With a kick in the butt from ryan and with an agreed butt kick from Promise, i began my blog.

In the Blog 101 class with Ryan Guard he told me about this guy named Carlos Whittaker who was some god (little ‘g’) among the blogisphere (new term for me too).

I began to look at his blog and quickly became captivated and intrigued by the things he was doing, saying and cataloging. he was just leaving Sandals Church in southern california and having grown up in Yucaipa, CA (fellow 909’er) i had an ever deeper level of interest in what he was doing.

come full circle…Carlos has some UNgodly amount of people that read his blog and i’m sure quite a few blogs that he reads, researches and likes in addition. anyways, being new to the blog scene i was SUPER encouraged to know that for whatever reason i made his October/November FLAVA section of his blog. he graciously plugged both mine and promises blog as blogs to read and feed. very cool.

much love to you Carlos (maybe i’ll call you Los when we grab some Christian cocaine (coffee) together at some point). i’m deeply intrigued with Carlos and his world and if you don’t know about his blog check it out. He’s on staff at Buckhead Church, a very influential and beautiful local church in the city of Atlanta.

Carlos, thanks for the love! let’s hang and dream soon!

now for the rest of you that don’t know Carlos…check out his blog.


An Addendum to KANYE Green Room Chatter…

so the weirdest conversations happen in the green room as we have many hours to be together, etc.. my good friend seth willey, who is a fantastic string player, saw our video from Sunday on Kanye (he does make a cameo in it too) and remembered that we’d had a similar conversation during our 11 Christmas Eve services last year. this time it’s Josh Groban…oh please tell me your thoughts on whether i’m right or not on this one (PS – thanks for the video seth):

Sunday Backstage Chatter and Kanye West…

this morning we, the AM band at Cornerstone, had some incredible dialogue. i wanted to introduce you all to some of the people that i get the privilege of standing on the stage with they’re great people. one thing i didn’t know was that my earlier post regarding Kanye West getting booed off the stage would show up in this video of introductions.

anyways…see for yourself whatcha think!

PS – i hope to put some video up of what we’re doing at cornerstone and let you all, especially that aren’t at Cornerstone, peek into our worship style, production, etc… anyways…on with the Kanye Video 🙂

Kanye West – HAHAHAHA

Kanye – Article

this has to be the most amazing article ever. you need to click the picture of yours truly, Kanye, and check out the story of how star this guy thinks he is. grant and brennan, some buddies of mine, had quite a heated discussion about this in the green room this morning. man, you cannot get bigger than Kanye!