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A Spring Sunday @ Cornerstone – Worship/Audrey Assad

From time to time I want to post some of the music that we’re doing at Cornerstone. I know, for me, since Jarrett Stevens canned 7:22 @ North Point (only kidding jarrett), I’ve been hard pressed to find music online that we (as a team) can go and get creative ideas from week to week. Anyways, yesterday was a special day here at Cornerstone. A really good friend of mine from Nashville name Audrey Assad was here and helped lead music in our gatherings all day. These are a few of the videos from yesterday.

This first video is a new tune Audrey wrote called ‘Love is Moving’. WOW! If you don’t watch anything else on this post…watch and listen to Audrey’s song. Hopefully some of these videos will serve as a resource to inspire and encourage your ministry or life.

Alternate Arrangements…

While sitting in ‘Sweet Tomatoes’ with Ryan, Jason, Matt Maher and Kenny Butler, earlier this week, the dialogue was started about songs we think could work acousticly. We then talked about songs that really maybe couldn’t be changed from their original format. We all had a few thoughts and then the legendary Matt Maher (if you don’t know who Matt is…he wrote the song ‘Your Grace is Enough’…no Chris Tomlin didn’t write that…the genius Matt Maher did…give him credit!) just mentioned that the Hillsong United tune ‘Break Free’ was one of those songs.

Well, later in the week we just could not refuse the chance to prove Matt Maher wrong. So we did and here’s what we came up with for it. Also, don’t forget to watch the bonus video of the acoustic version of ‘Your Grace is Enough’. I’ll just say in advance, you won’t be able to ‘get enough’ of this goodness. Let me know what you thought…leave a comment! 🙂


A Quick Survey…

i’ve been asked to compile just a few statistics from those of you that read my blog.

The question is what Christian Bands/Artists would you most like to see in a very well produced live film recording? I need your top 5-10…trust me your input is important and think about it from a live show perspective and then sound off.

Here are mine:

1. Mute Math

2. Switchfoot

3. Family Force Five

4. Delirious

5. Hillsong United

6. Phil Wickham

7. Fee

8. Future of Forestry

9. Starfield

10. Robbie Seay Band

Seriously, who wouldn’t want to see a full on film of these guys just going off? This is Darren the drummer of Mute Math doing his crazy thing –

CompassionArt, Delirious – A Movement

What is CompassionArt?

If you don’t yet know about CompassionArt it’s time to get familiar. This movement has such radical potential for the Kingdom of God. Martin Smith, front man for the epic band Delirious and his wife, Anna, are following the next dream God has put in their hearts for this next season of their lives. Delirious will come to a closing chapter in the very near future from what we can tell.

I, personally, believe that God has been sort of priming the pump for what this movement could do to meet the needs of those that are less fortunate. Those being traded out in the sex slave, those without food and water, those without a mother or father, the oppressed and those who don’t yet have the hope in the liberating power of our ressurected Jesus! This is a movement that’s after the heart of God and I pray that it sweeps the world with crazy success.

Try and get throught his vision and look at the people that are involved in this project. Some of the Christian music worlds most talented and prophetic songwriters/worship leaders and hearts! The below is from the CompassionArt Website under their vision piece.

So what is CompassionArt?!

You want the short answer? Here it goes;

CompassionArt is a charity that joins the dots between art and poverty. It raises money to help breathe life into the poorest communities, restoring hope and igniting justice.

You’ve got a bit more time? Try this;

It all started with a sense that music really ought to be able to sit well with justice. Yet in a world of album sales and royalty cheques, it can be hard to see how the two link up. So, a plan evolved; create a little music (and eventually, quite a bit more) and use all of the money from those album sales and royalty cheques to support those working among the world’s poorest communities.

These thoughts came first to the heads and hearts of Martin and Anna Smith. Martin’s years at the front of the stage with Delirious have given him a unique perspective; across every continent he has seen at first hand the potential that music has to connect. And he has seen poverty – the crushing sort, the type that chokes hope and suffocates life. And he has seen remarkable people doing remarkable things to break poverty’s hold.

In January 2008 – after a year and a half of planning – Martin and Anna were joined by 11 other songwriters for the first CompassionArt retreat. Next to a Scottish Loch a few hours north of Glasgow were these dozen writers who between them had written pretty much every song the church has been singing over the last decade.

A week later and the group emerged with a whole load of new songs that are bound to provide the soundtrack for the coming years; songs that answered the question ‘what’s faith got to do with poverty?’

Four weeks later and the writers were gathered in Abbey Road to record the best fifteen tracks from the retreat.

Five days later and they had the bones of an album.

In the months that followed Martin and fellow producers Les Moir and Matt Bronleewe added the flesh, drawing in yet more artists from the world of Christian music.

And as the music took shape so too did the plot; each of the twelve writers nominated a charity to which 1/24th of CompassionArt royalties will go to. The remaining 50 per cent of the funds raised will be distributed among projects that CompassionArt wants to give extra support – such as the Watoto community in Uganda. There, orphaned children are given food, shelter, education and a loving, caring home as they rebuild their lives. CompassionArt will provide funding for a series of music and arts centres that support the world-famous Watoto Children’s Choir, as well as offering essential training for those wanting to pursue a future in the arts.

Today – a few months before the release of the first CompassionArt album – there is anticipation draped all over the project. The involvement of the twelve writers; Michael W Smith, Israel Houghton, Darlene Zschech, Matt Redman, Tim Hughes, Stu G, Chris Tomlin, Graham Kendrick, Stephen Curtis Chapman, Andy Park and Paul Baloche didn’t just guarantee plenty of exposure. Their skills have combined to make an album that pushes, inspires and challenges in all the right places.

The story has covered so many pages already, yet in many ways it has yet to really begin. This first album – as well as the book that partners it – will generate income for years to come, giving compassion and art a more meaningful way of working together.

Starfield | Brayline | Above The Golden State – Chandler, AZ – October 18th, 2008

for those of you that don’t know, i play in a band called Brayline and we will be playing with Starfield at Cornerstone on October 18th @ 7pm. here’s some fun info (you must watch the video) and tickets are available online @ http://cornerstonechandler.com! we really hope you can make it.

Top 12 Worship Picks – Month of September 2008

my friend johnny messaged me the following today:

Hey Bri-

I need some new music, baby. Give me your top 10 or 12 new faves. Do it because you love me.


all that to say it inspired a blog post. i actually get asked that question a good bit and so i asked my guys here and we put together, in no particular order, the top 12 songs we really like, are working well and that we’re singing in our rotation at Cornerstone. hope this stuff can be a resource and maybe i’ll try and do this more often for the worship types and connoisseurs. here are ours – what are yours?! comment here and check back to see what other people are doing too!  

Here’s what we’re singing right now at Cornerstone:

1. beautiful jesus -kristian stanfill

2. i adore you – phil wickham

3. cannons -phil wickham

4. filled with your glory – starfield

5. all because of jesus – fee

6. the highest and greatest – tim hughes

7. i lay it down – matt maher

8. canticles of zechariah (declare victory) – matt maher (every worship leader must own his album overflow)

9. how he loves – john mark mcmillan (you need to buy this album!)

10. none but jesus – hillsong

11. hosanna – hillsong united

12. rain down – delirious

Gay Marriage, Church, Politics and Christian Music

My brother plays in a band called Future of Forestry and they recently ran across a situation that really posed for some tough decisions. The following is a blog that Eric Owyoung, their lead guy, posted on their myspace. read the blog. i’d love to hear your thoughts on what role we as Christ followers play on an issue like Gay Marriage. what role should the church play on the issue and maybe more specifically as it relates to voting and the political realm? lastly, if you took a 30,000 foot view of how the church is and has dealt with the Gay and Lesbian community in this past 30 years to present what would you have to say about it?

Put in the position that the band was what would you have done? i know there is a tendency to jump to what feels like the ‘right Christian answer’. but take a second, read this and think about some of the questions and then sound off. good food for thought and let’s stay away from gay bashing and actually use our minds before we just respond.

here’s the blog entry from Eric:


I have told my fan-base that they will be attending a worship concert. If they are not getting exactly that, then I can’t play with integrity.

Four months ago, I called a promoter/friend to request putting together a Future of Forestry headlining concert focused on worship with one or two opening bands. What started as such became an event called “8-8-08.” Eight bands, eight speakers. Just 5 days before the event, I was informed that a part of the messages that will be spoken will involve a campaign rallying together voters against same-sex marriage in our state.

I went into this show to play music and bring people into a worship experience. I do not understand how this political discussion got involved. I have asked, pleaded, begged that the event would omit any discussions of gay rights but have been refused. I cannot play this concert with integrity. This is not what I signed up for.

I was told not to be concerned because any messages spoken about gays would be “truth spoken in love.” But we live in a culture where people, Christians, even conservative Christians disagree on how to approach subjects such as gay rights. We MUST realize and be sensitive to the reality that even IF they agree on a Biblical interpretation, Christians still must choose their way of approaching homosexuality in our culture. I don’t expect my band-members to agree on the subject and they don’t. So I don’t bring it up on stage.

I reserve the right not to involve the music of Future of Forestry in this political discussion. I have been told this isn’t a political discussion but a Biblical one. But when we are talking about laws, voters, and legislation, we are talking about politics. Fine, you call it a Biblical/Political issue, but never the less, it is still political.

I went into music to play music. I was challenged by the promoter to step up to the subject rather to step out. But I have no desire whatsoever to get up to a microphone and describe, debate, or publicize my political views on gay rights. I have told my fan-base that they will be attending a worship concert. If they are not safe to get exactly that, then I can’t play with integrity.

I told you that the promoter of this a good friend. And he is a good person. There is nothing malicious in his endeavors. He is extremely passionate and unafraid. What was missing in this situation though was clear and timely communication about what was involved before it was too late. As an artist and person, I deserve a choice whether or not to be a part of an event involving such a sensitive subject. Not to be told afterwards.

Promoters, Pastors, Event Organizers, I urge you to speak clearly and with integrity to artists as well as people going to the show about the content of the events you are putting on:

“Hey, Eric, I am putting on a worship concert with a ten minute Obama (or McCain) plug. Do you want to be a part of it?”
“No thank you. Maybe next time.”

“Hey, Eric, I am putting together a basketball game with a ten minute intermission talking about gay rights. Do you want to play?
“No thank you. I’m too short. Please call me when you want to just play music.”

In the end, I believe the intensions for “speaking in love” are merited. But whether they are spoken harshly or lovingly, I just ask that a Future of Forestry worship concert not be a political platform. Is that too much to ask for? Talk about gay rights in your homes, talk about it at work, most of all talk about it in your voting booths. I am sure that I will too. But why INSIST that it needs to be talked about in worship?

I play music because it is the universal language of all people. Blacks, whites, males, females, gays, and straights. I play music because I believe it will draw people together and draw people closer to God. I leave the political discussions up to my own conversations and my own right to vote. But in this creative space called music, I will fight to have a place where we are all safe to be loved and embraced by God through every tone and every note that is played. This is the nature of worship music.

To the Forestry fans that were excited to see our hometown concert, I am very sorry and sad that we will not be playing. We promise to put together a smaller show soon in the San Diego area. No politics, no basketball…just music.

(Future of Forestry will not be performing, but the event has not been cancelled. If you intended on going to the event to see the other 7 bands or 8 speakers, they will still be performing)