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Staying Positive

Promise says she was a lot like this little girl when she was a kid. I wish I could have none her as a chatty little one with so many positive things to say. Anyways, stay positive and enjoy this little clip.

[ht suzy lind]

Carlos Whittaker :: Ragamuffin Soul

All I can say is that that I know few people that work harder and are willing to sacrifice more than my friend Carlos Whittaker. This guy has become one of my better friends over the past couple years and I’m so stoked to see him have an opportunity to get some music out there to the world.

Today, Carlos releases his first ever full length project and I’m just stoked for him. I know how hard it is to put a record together and I know today is a big day for him. I think you’ll enjoy the album. You should know that you’re supporting a guy that loves God, loves his family, loves his friends, sacrifices a lot and cares for the least. Click the album cover below to go order his new record and to help a brother out!!

Worship Workout – Part II

If you missed Worship Workout, Part I, you can watch it after the newest installment. Worship Workouts is a little segment that we do every once in a while to give you Worship Leaders some creative ideas to stay fit. We know how it is having multiple services during the weekend and these are just some very practical ways for you and your team to be a team and stay fit! ENJOY! HAHHAH


Here is Part l if you missed it earlier:

Sunday Antics…

This is just a good time for all! I have nothing else to say…

In Ear Molds – The Process

The boys and I filmed the process of us getting our in ear moldsĀ  done for our in ear monitors. For those of you asking what these things are they just allows us to have a custom mold of our ear for the headphone monitors that we use on stage when we’re playing. You probably see us fidgeting with our ears a lot on stage because right now we use a ‘one-size fits all’ kind of headphone. With these custom molds we are able to, comfortably, have the best seal which provides us with the best sound from our headphone monitors.

If for nothing else the video is kinda fun and fairly informative on the process. Enjoy!!

Hello, Goodbye…

Our wedding was AMAZING! We could not have asked God for a better celebration of what he is doing in our lives. We have amazing friends that we will be forever grateful to for helping us pull it off. It was a dream come true for me and Promise. We’re off to our Honeymoon and can’t wait to share more of the story of our day when we come back. For now…leave your quick marriage advice, scripture, word of encouragement, or if you were at the wedding, your favorite part of the day! We’d love to begin to hear from you. Here are some fantastic photos from the legend, Daley Hake. More coming…





Wedding Countdown…

In, exactly, a week from today Promise and I will covenant with each other and our God in Marriage. I cannot wait for this amazing day. We’re buttoning up all the final details for the wedding and it’s coming together for an absolutely epic night. God has really provided the right people for this thing and it’s going to be a great honor to have such talented people making this special day so amazing.

Our good friend (and hopeful future brother in law), Troy Grover (who was the MC for the 3 Day Breast Cancer Walk for a few years), is going to be MC’ing our reception along with one of the HOTTEST bands from Phoenix called Whatcha See Whatcha Get. We’re gonna’ party like it’s 1999. We, obviously, would have loved to make our wedding an ‘open-invite’ to everyone, but, WOW these things cost some cheddar and we don’t have enough of it to invite everyone. Either way, Troy Grover says that EVERYONE needs to spend 5-10 minutes time learning this dance. If you’re coming to our wedding…SERIOUSLY…just take 5 minutes and get acquainted with this here special ditty and learn the moves so you can just be ready to BRING IT, Hannah Montana style.

OH WOW…this is going to be way to much fun! Don’t mock it ’til you try it! HAHAHA