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Mighty Men

I really loved this little preach by my buddy Mark Connelly. Do you agree or disagree?

THREAD and This Past Sunday…

I mentioned i’d blog about this past sunday, so i wanted to be sure that i held true to my word. All i can say is that this past Sunday is up there at the top of my favorite Sundays in my time here at Cornerstone. 

We’re currently in a series called ‘Thread: Uniquely Designed’ and it’s been so cool to just see how the Lord has just put the right people in the right places during this series to tell the story and remind us how uniquely made we really are. We’ve had some great, challenging and effective gathering times in the last few weeks as we’ve talked about how Gods wired us up.

One thing is certain from scripture and reality; WE ARE SPIRITUAL!

This past Sunday stood out as we had the Lead Pastor, Mark Connelly, from a sister church of ours, Superstition Springs Community Church in Gilbert, AZ, come out and brought a seriously good good word. He talked on the all so familiar 1 Corinthians 12 passage as it relates to Spiritual Gifts and can i just say that he articulated that passage so beautifully. i’d really love to encourage you to take a few minutes of your life and let him re-paint that passage of Scripture for you. It will just challenge you and push you to Follow Jesus in more profound ways. you can check his message out by clicking here and choose the ‘Thread’ series and the message title Spiritual Gifts.

Additionally, Mark Connelly is very involved with a partnering ministry to their church called Vision Abolition. you need to go see more about what God is doing in this ministry, globally. it’s really quite stunning and really awesome to see the hand of God in these women/childrens lives as they rescue them from the filthy pit of the sex slave trade.

Mark really has a passion for people, the world and the local church. it’s been a privilege to get to hang with him and share our lives a bit and our passion for the mission of the Gospel. Also, i wouldn’t get anywhere with this email if i didn’t throw some props out to his Jr. High Pastor, Nick Asolas, who is a friend and fellow Blogger. they’re doing awesome ministry and Nicks blog is a good time (by the way Nick – you are on my blog links! 

if you watch the message i’d love to hear your feedback. if you check out Vision Abolition i’d love to hear your thoughts on that piece and if you check out Nicks blog…well….have fun! I really hope these links challenge you like they’ve challenged me and serve as a resource to push you closer towards truly following Jesus.