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Carlos Whittaker :: EP

Today, my good friend Carlos Whittaker’s EP is available for your download and listening pleasure. Carlos, Heather and their family have quickly become some great friends of mine and Promise. We are so excited for Carlos in this new adventure of taking his music to the streets. He’s got an amazing heart for God and people. I think you’re really going to enjoy this worship project. The songs have singable melodies and remind us of Gods love for us and propel the listener to love God more!

At the end of the day when you meet Lil’ Los (Losiah) you won’t be able to resist dowloading Carlos’ new EP. Knowing he’s training this little guy up to know and follow Jesus…well…it’s worth every dollar of the download! Go get the EP on iTunes or wherever and support this amazing new artist and a friend of mine!

Charlie Hall: A Good Man

charliegoteephotos by chris loope

charlieandbrianphotos by chris loope

I’ve met a lot of people in my young life, but, yesterday I met a fellow that will not soon be forgotten. I mean the guy told me to grab his goatee, he’s a good man.  Charlie Hall is a Singer/Songwriter/Worship Leader/Pastor and now a friend. We had the chance to hang for a few hours yesterday as he and my friend Phil Wickham are on tour together and the tour stopped here at Cornerstone.

Charlie is one of those guys that lives like I hope I live. He lives in the midst of his story, believing God, believing the scripture, making his declaration through the art of song and doing everything with Christ in him to live it out. A couple things really stood out to me from what I observed in my time with Charlie and I’d love to share them with you.

As a Worship Leader, I have a deep amount of respect for him. Charlie has been on the scene as a writer and leader for a good while now. I can remember hearing the Passion ’99 album for the first time and hearing him lead ‘Better is One Day’ and ‘You’re Worthy of My Praise’ with the Female vocalists and all. Ten years later his lyrics and style continue to be a transcendant piece of beautiful art through music.

Ultimately, now having had the chance to get to know Charlie, I see a man that has dealt and is dealing with real life face to face. Charlie is a man that declares the truth of the songs God has given him to serve as a medium to help free people, but, they’re also the songs to remind him that he’s free. I appreciate the way he draws people in who don’t normally feel invited in and reminds us all that we’re broken people in need of redemption.

Much more to say, but, for your own good, go download some of his music. His newest offering is called ‘The Bright Sadness’. Check it out!