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Phil Wickham – Singalong

if you haven’t partaken in Phil Wickham’s newest record ‘Singalong’, well, you most certainly should.

i just got done listening to it for the first time and it’s a very fun worship record. i think you’ll really like it. he’s a power house of creativity both instrumentally and, especially, vocally. if you don’t know of Phil Wickham, well, let me me introduce you. 

Phil has become a friend over the years. We’ve been able to share our lives with each other a bit and it’s fun to see his ministry and songwriting continue to excel and move forward. Phil will be on his first HEADLINING tour, he tells me, this fall and it looks like FEE (steve fee for all the old school folks) will also be on his tour. should be cool. check out his myspace for dates and if he’s coming near your city you need to go spend a night with Phil and the tour. 

in the meantime, you can download, for FREE, his new SINGALONG record by just submitting to be on his mailing list. the album cover is the link to his blog so you can get his FREE record. let me know what you think, if you get it.