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The Shack – An Abomination?

I recently saw this clip from a Pastor in the Seattle area named Mark Driscoll. He’s a pretty credible leader within the larger scale of the church and has a wide stroke of influence nationally. I’ve actually visited their church in Seattle and they are doing some AMAZING things in that city. Mark also has some brilliant things to say about leadership, vision and the local church.

I watched this clip and for some reason it just didn’t sit right with me. Honestly, I’ve never read The Shack (and I probably need too), but, I did watch an interview that Jarett Stevens did with the Author of the book at 7:22 back in the fall. Personally, I enjoyed the interview with the Author and I thought he explained the premise on which he wrote the book and did that pretty articulately.

I’m curious what your thoughts are on Marks perspective regarding The Shack. Have you read the book? Is it, truly, heretical as Mark calls it? Do you get the sense that William Paul Young is simply utilizing a story to paint a picture or is he really making a ‘false idol’ for us to try and contain? Watch the clip and post your thoughts!


Engagement Photo Shoot – November 2008

Promise and I had the chance to spend some time with our good friend, Troy Grover (check out his website). and this link to see our VIDEO. He did a shoot with us while we all spent the week up in Seattle at the Tangeman house. Troy is an awesome guy and we ‘hope the best for him’. He’s gonna be an epic photographer. There’s this odd part of me that hopes he’ll be my future brother-in-law too. He’s dating Promise’s sister Aimee. Now, that being said, it may have been TOO SOON to make that statement. HA!

We got a chance to go out and around where Promise grew up here in the Bremerton/Silverdale, Washington area and I think we captured some great photos. Promise knows all the great spots in that area and she got us situated well (as you’ll see in the photos) and then Troy just clicked away. Additionally, we got to take the ferry over to the city of Seattle and can I just say, ‘I LOVE THAT CITY’! We had an AMAZING time celebrating this beautiful season that God is writing in our lives.

We’d love to hear what photo’s you liked! Shoot a comment over after you’ve finished looking.

Enjoy the photos!


















Back To Phoenix!

It’s been a great week in Seattle, WA. We’ve rested well, ate lots of good foods, rested more, took some good photos and we’re coming back home! Me and my favorite person. Here’s a little teaser on the photos and a blog is coming about the shoot! For now packing, bed, alarms, airports and back to the work grind.




I think flying is always more fun with your best friend and i have PICTURES TO PROVE!

YES, Airports!!

There are many reasons that i like southwest:

1. They have a place to work on your computer in the airport. complete with plugs and everything. hahahah…promise says we look like ‘Gadget McGee’ – i agree.

2. they got us on a flight today!

3. they’re cheap

Here we come Seattle!!



I woke up this morning, opened my computer and tried to check in on the flights i had booked for Promise and I for Seattle tomorrow and it wouldn’t let me for some reason. Biggest problem:



Southwest Airlines Receipt and Itinerary  



Receipt and Itinerary as of 07/04/08 1:54 PM
Confirmation Number
OH NO!!!

Confirmation Date: 07/04/08
Received: BRIAN


Where Will I Sit?
 Passenger Information
 Passenger Name   Account Number   Ticket#   Expiration1 
WURZELL/BRIAN – None Entered – 07/04/09
1 All travel involving funds from this Confirmation Number must be completed by the expiration date.
 Date   Flight   Routing Details
Wed Jul 23 897 Depart PHOENIX AZ (PHX) at 6:15 AM
Arrive in SEATTLE TACOMA WA (SEA) at 10:30 AM


WE WERE SUPPOSED TO LEAVE THIS MORNING and neither of us caught it!!!!!! OH WOW. so i began the scramble of trying to figure out what to do. I called promise filled her in and the search began. The fare price on flights to Seattle, to book or change today, were over $300 ONE WAY. man, thank God for Southwest Rapid Rewards and the fact that we had booked on a rewards for this leg of the flight. 

as i frantically called southwest the agent helped me and figured out a flight for us later today with no additional charges (now that is customer service – this is why Southwest is the airline of choice for me). 

needless to say, in some hours Promise and I will be in this beautiful city. sometimes you wake up and you never know where you’ll be that day!