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Staying Positive

Promise says she was a lot like this little girl when she was a kid. I wish I could have none her as a chatty little one with so many positive things to say. Anyways, stay positive and enjoy this little clip.

[ht suzy lind]

Wedding Eyes…

I imagine we’ll be done with wedding stuff at some point in the near future, but, there are still some more stories and pictures to be shared. We haven’t gotten all our pics yet, but, wedding photographer, Daley, sent us this over a photo over the weekend so I thought I’d share it with you and our friends Jon and Ashley Bugg gave us a a few too. Hopefully you’ll enjoy. More coming. Marriage is a beautiful thing, just look at the eyes!



stained glass





Back To Phoenix!

It’s been a great week in Seattle, WA. We’ve rested well, ate lots of good foods, rested more, took some good photos and we’re coming back home! Me and my favorite person. Here’s a little teaser on the photos and a blog is coming about the shoot! For now packing, bed, alarms, airports and back to the work grind.