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Unexpected Tragedy…

Today is one of those days where you remember the precious gift of your very breathe. I write this note as I’m just about to go to bed on this Friday the 13th, 2009 (a little weird). As I was winding down tonight the news popped on with a story and reported that a commercial plane had just gone down in the Buffalo, New York area. Oddly enough, I flew today and I also had 2 friends flying in to New York this evening too.

Immediately, when i heard the news of the crash, I had that ‘oh wow, what if that was their plane’ feeling. That’s a heart wrenching moment when your not expecting it. I shot out a text to my buddies right away and awaited a response. I finally got one back just a few minutes later. They had made it safe. Praise God!

The irony of the story is that I flew today too and so did 49 other people. The difference is for those 49 people their news wasn’t in favor of tomorrow for them. Their news was met with unexpected tragedy. For the friends and families of those lost in this wreckage it’s the beginning of a process of hurt, pain and restoration. My heart breaks for those people who now have to walk this painful journey of loss because of today. If you’re a friend or family of one of the victims and you’re reading this right now, just know you’re being prayed for in these days.The beautiful thing is that, if we’re willing to find it, there is great beauty in our brokenness. It’s actually a place where our relationship to God can become so simply, yet, articulately intimate.

This incident reminds me, as I get ready to shut my eyes for the night, that my days on this earth are numbered and I want to live my life in the fullness of who Gods made me to be in the Kingdom. While I have this life, I want to love well, play hard, work hard, cry hard, serve well and be an agent of change well!

I needed this unexpected reminder tonight. I’m bummed for the way I’m reminded, in the midst of this tragedy, but, I’m reminded that I want my life to count for great things here and now! What a hope I have in Jesus though. It’s a hope that rings out the anthem, as Louie Giglio says, that ‘even in death we win’ when we’re on the mission with Jesus. May my life reflect Him more today in this reminder and may the peace of God hug these families/friends so close as they wonder how to get through today.

Let us not forget:

Genesis 3:19 – Remember, O man, that you are dust, and unto dust you shall return

Steven Curtis Chapman on Larry King Live – CNN

In a previous summer I was actually nicknamed ‘Steven Curtis Chapman’ for my incredible possibilities as a Christian musician. hahaha. it really was a joke and my fellow staff team at Forest Home would break out in various choruses of Steven Curtis Chapman songs at the most random times to remind me of who I could potentially be one day. It never failed that the chorus ‘saddle up your horses’ from ‘The Great Adventure’ would be the chorus they’d remind me of so often. oh the great old days of SCC!!!!

The reality is that whether you like Steven Curtis Chapman, moreover his music, he seems to be an incredible guy and has had quite a successful career through his music and ministry. I know many friends in the Christian music industry and I know quite a few that know him personally and I have yet to hear an ill word spoken about him to the day. His integrity proceeds him in so many ways. so you can call me Steven Curtis all day long…if that’s what it could mean for me!! 🙂

Tonight, he and his family were on Larry King Live to talk about the tragic loss of their youngest adopted daughter Maria Sue Chapman after her older brother will, accidently, hit her in his SUV. It’s a painful thing to even think about the kind of loss that they are experiencing, let alone to be living in the middle of it.

I think they did a fantastic job of representing the Kingdom of God in their interviews. here is their blog and a video of the little girl that they loved and that the world has grown to love. she seemed to have had such a beautiful freedom in who she was as a little one. One thing is true, already, they are continuing to use the platform God has given them, even in the midst of adversity, to be Kingdom Agents!

blog: http://chapmanchannel.typepad.com/inmemoryofmaria/

Good Morning America Interview:

CNN Write Up: