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PLANNING CENTER for the Worship Types

I want to make sure that I’m a resource on some things as it relates to Worship Arts from time to time. If you’re a Worship Leader or maybe you serve in a worship ministry somewhere you and your community MUST look into this powerful resource called Planning Center.

Honestly, in the almost 7 years i’ve worked in full-time ministry i’ve not found a more resourceful tool. it has virtually revolutionized our ministry and effectiveness. It’s an online software that literally maximizes scheduling, songs (MP3’s downloadable and/or Streaming), chart hosting, multiple arrangement hosting (for the same song), program cue building, contact database, special event planning and MUCH more that i’m not probably thinking of right now. all the legal stuff for the printed material is covered under your CCLI license and the database works in conjunction with your CCLI account and works especially well if you use CCLI’s SongSelect feature. the software itself is very reasonably price and for the benefit you’ll never think twice about the price.

the biggest deal for the Leader and the Team Member is that it takes away the perpetual week to week uploading/downloading of things that you’re doing repetitively, it empowers your team to take responsibility for their schedule and the learning of their parts in the music and it can be used in multiple forums of the church/ministry.

i’d REALLY encourage you Worship Types, if you don’t know about it yet, to go look at their website and watch some of their videos. if you are using it i’d love to hear about how it’s effected your ministry. if this stirs you to begin using it shoot me a comment here and let me know.

if it’s helpful for anyone i can share with you how we’re using it at cornerstone. i’m not gonna go crazy on the details if it’s not a huge resource to people, but, if you’d like some more 411 on how we’re using it in our context comment and let me know. if you’re a user/team member and your ministry team is using planning center or maybe you’re serving with us at Cornerstone – how do you like it? do you find it to be a resourceful tool for you as a team member?

in the meantime, check out their website!